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  • SATTVA Yoga is an inclusive yoga practice designed to libertate the body and the mind. 
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  • Classes range from 10 minutes to 75 minutes.

"We offer an INCLUSIVE yoga practice that is designed to liberate you from aches and pains of the body, stress and challenges of the mind. We offer you tools and skills to win in life.
Yoga is defined as oneness or union and our ultimate goal is LIBERATION.
Liberation can mean simply finding space in the mind and freedom in the body."

- Rameen Peyrow

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Try a ten minute SATTVA Yoga sample sequence. Join us on the journey of this holistic practice where we incorporate all aspects of the body, breath and mind, giving you the practitioner a complete and dynamic experience of the practice of yoga.

Each month we add new SATTVA Yoga sequences taking the practitioner through a systematic practice that targets the entire physical body, bringing strength, flexibility, balance and an overall sense of well-being to your life. 

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