SATTVA Yoga & Meditation Classes


SATTVA Dynamic practices

SATTVA All Levels

SATTVA all levels is a well-rounded and dynamic practice suitable for practitioners who wish to increase strength, flexibility, and deepen their overall understanding of how the practice of yoga works. This class is geared towards practitioners at a beginner to intermediate level of practice.

SATTVA 30 Minute Sequence

This is an all levels practice but packaged in a shorter time frame so that it is easy to fit into your day, morning or night. This shorter class provides you all the key elements of a dynamic practice so that you can maintain your practice and stay balanced within your day.

SATTVA Intermediate

The intermediate practice is for the advancing practitioner who is ready to become more sophisticated in his or her understanding of their practice. These sequences will introduce stronger postures and increase the accuracy and dexterity of the movement in your body.


SATTVA Restorative practices 

SATTVA Restorative

This practice is ideal for any level of practitioner, and is deeply rejuvenating and therapeutic at the same time. This class maintains all of the same awareness and integration of action that you find in our dynamic practice, but with wonderful long holds and more supportive postures. This is a perfect after-work or evening practice.


The pelvis sequence is designed to unlock the secrets of increased body awareness and range of motion.  Opening the pelvis relieves stiffness and congestion through the glutes and low back area. It is an essential piece to body comfort and advancing your yoga practice. 


This is a FOUNDATION class specifically designed to open the legs and give greater access to the rest of the body. By freeing the holding patterns in the legs we gain greater flexibility and range of motion throughout the entire body. This influences positively the day-to-day activity of life and also deepens others aspects of your practice.


This specialty class is specifically for strengthening and toning the torso and bringing a greater level of attention to the whole upper body. This sequence will develop and give access to strong postural muscles that enhance the structure of the body, along with releasing tension and stiffness around the waist.


SATTVA Meditation Practices


SATTVA Meditation: The Science Of Self

In this section, you will enjoy dynamic meditation instruction that is based upon the natural rhythms your body produces. This enables your practice to retain a deep grounding and memory which can be used throughout the rest of your day. The meditations that are provided here for your guidance and enjoyment are progressive and hold many keys to unlocking the deeper dimensions to your meditation practice.

These guided meditations will support and enhance the quality of mind that you desire in order to achieve the life that you see.

SATTVA Yoga Nidra

This practice is a deep well of guided relaxation, systematically taking you through your physical body, breathing and space of the mind and leaving you with a full sense of balance and restful rejuvenation. Yoga nidra is perfect for someone who has a busy lifestyle, needs aid in sleeping, or just wishes to experience the depths of what the subtle sensations of the body have to offer.