SATTVA Dynamic practices



Start here if you are a beginner. The foundational sequences of SATTVA Yoga allow you to open and strengthen body in a systematic way and focus on key elements of the anatomy: 

  • legs, 
  • pelvis
  • torso (coming soon)
  • shoulders and arms (coming soon)


FOUNDATIONS for the New Practitioner

The Foundations classes introduce you to posture, technique, and alignment and develop the body in a systematic way. You can practice them in succession over time: depending on the rate at which the body opens, you might practice each sequence for one week or one month before moving on to the next. 

The Foundations practices will teach you how to stack your anatomy so that you can align the natural structure of your body and begin to express freedom in the legs, pelvis, torso, shoulders and arms. This is achieved by cultivating clear lines of communication, awareness, and fluid sensation that is felt from tips of the toes to the tips of the fingers, and pelvic floor to the crown of the head.


FOUNDATIONS for the Maturing Practitioner

For the more experienced practitioner, the foundations sequences are designed to help you slow down and specialize on key elements of the body in order to restore, re-balance, and maintain the primary building blocks that make up your physical structure. They are great to integrate into your practice, one sequence per week, starting with Legs and working your way up. 

These sequences will support the rest of your practice and bring a very therapeutic dimension to healing and working with the body. 



For the practitioner with a general comfort and range of motion in the body, the all levels class aids in the continual opening and strengthening of the body systems physically and energetically. We do this by working through a four-month cycle to build awareness: Front Body, Back Body, Side Body and Strength

The targeted focus of each month is for the purpose of creating full body awareness and connecting communication from the tips of the toes to the tips of the fingers, pelvic floor to the crown of the head. You can choose to begin at any entry point within the cycle and just follow the succession. 

You will notice the progressive nature of these classes as you see postures trickle in and out from month to month and cycle to cycle. Our intention is to work with the memory of the muscular system from one month to the next by keeping a pool of postures the same, while adding new postures and targeting fresh body awareness each month to keep mind and body engaged within the opening process. 

The practice and instruction of the sequences cultivates a clear understanding of how the anatomy naturally works within the body to convert body awareness into integrative action throughout the legs, torso, shoulders, arms, and head. 



This is a quick and condensed, posture-only version of our all level class designed to fit more easily into your day. These sequences still follow all of the same principles as our longer classes, and give you the essentials of a full, dynamic posture practice. 



This practice is designed for a practitioner who is very comfortable in our all levels class or quite proficient in their practice with a high level of flexibility and strength in their body. 

Within the intermediate practice, we maintain the structured intelligence of the four-month cycle which gives access to the lines of awareness and integrative action.

This is a dynamic and healing practice for the more experienced yoga practitioner.