Where To Begin : Yoga For Every Body


At SATTVA Online, we understand and appreciate the importance of starting the journey of yoga. And we believe that within the body systems, a natural, interconnected intelligence exists that can be used to develop your practice, no matter if you have been practicing for many years or are just beginning now. 

SATTVA Online offers instruction that is designed to be progressive so that it suits your practice needs and can develop you through a lifetime of practice. 


SATTVA Dynamic practices


Our Dynamic practices offer you dynamic and expressive posture sequences for the beginner practitioner all the way to the advanced practitioner. These classes are ideal to promote deep circulation in the body and mind. More


SATTVA Restorative practices


Our CRestorative practices are named as such because they make ideal counterparts to all of the other classes offered on SATTVA Online, and are good for every level of practice. These practices are also great completely on their own. More


SATTVA Meditation practices


Our Meditation practices provide instruction to go much deeper into the SATTVA Yoga pillars of meditation and pranayama. Use this section to enrich and enhance your existing practice, or take just by itself. Good for every level. More


Join the inner revolution.


Born out of a deep love and connection to practice, SATTVA Yoga was founded by Rameen Peyrow to share the healing method of yoga and meditation for modern life.

Included in your membership are a variety of SATTVA yoga sequences, breathing practices, and meditation instruction and practice, along with talks on the topics of meditation and the practice of life.


We are excited to begin the journey with you.

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