SATTVA Meditation practices

SATTVA ANANDA Meditation Practices


Meditation is the cornerstone of the SATTVA Yoga practice. Like breathing, you will find short meditations at the end of most classes, and also an entire section to propel you deeper and sustain all of your other life pursuits. The meditation section provides instructional videos along with guided meditation practices using the technology of Science of Self as an aid to deepening and enhancing a meditation practice. 



Within the SATTVA Yoga practice breathing is an important element. You will find breathing exercises within most of the body sequences after the postures, and we also provide you an extended section on pranayama to focus exclusively on toning and expanding lung capacity and steadying the relationship of body and mind. 

Breathwork is effective for relaxing and calming a busy mind, preparing the practitioner for meditation or any activity they engage with in their day. These techniques are designed for any level of practitioner to integrate into their practice and life.