SATTVA Restorative practices



This is a very good starting point for someone who wishes to enter into the body slowly and feel soothing yet strengthening experiences of posture. The restorative practice contains fewer postures and longer holds, and slows the practice down to enhance body communication and awareness into dynamic relaxation. These sequences release excess stiffness and tension out of body and mind. 

This practice is a sweet companion for all the other dynamic practices that you find within SATTVA Online, and follows the same intelligence of our four-month cycle. 



This practice is for deep, deep relaxation and is a systematic, guided, lying flat meditation to relieve tensions of body and mind. Yoga Nidra can also be used as a sleep aid, as well as a learning tool to deepen your meditation practice. This is a beautifully rejuvenating practice that can be used by any level of practitioner, either in conjunction with our other practices, or solely by itself.