Get To Know SATTVA Yoga Online


A conversation with Rameen Peyrow, founder and director of SATTVA Yoga. 


Every month the crew at SATTVA Yoga Online gathers in Rameen's basement studio to make movie magic. The team behind this collaborative process shares the love for getting this practice in your pocket - anytime, anywhere. The SATTVA Yoga Online community is all over the world, and it starts in the founder's home. 



"It really is anywhere, and that IS what makes it so beautiful. You could be in a hut on a beach and have your yoga or you could be in your office or at home." - Rameen
Shiny happy Jen, our demo for SATTVA Restore!

Shiny happy Jen, our demo for SATTVA Restore!


Rameen shares his intention behind the online school, a project that has been alive since 2013: 

"I wanted to make the practice accessible and easy. My vision with SATTVA in general was to have something that fits into peoples' lives so that it’s easier for someone to connect to their body, breath and mind. It is the use of those three active participants that develops the world and life they want."


There's so much to look forward to!


When asked what we can look forward to in the future of SATTVA Yoga Online, Rameen ensures it just keeps getting better.


"It’s a continuing of great content - a maturing of content that responds to what people need from an online yoga experience. We are always developing ways that people can fit this into their lives with ease. 


On the learning side you’ll see many more digestible, small pieces of information that you can take and apply instantly to your practice - and really it’s all designed to take from practice to everyday life. That’s what makes this practice so special; SATTVA yoga is developed through and with the ergonomics and mechanics of the body and mind to allow smoothness throughout both."


This practice is for you, out of your pocket and into your life. Follow along as we continue to grow our community and share what we love the most: SATTVA yoga.