SATTVA Strength

Cultivating Strength Through Dynamic Relaxation

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Welcome to Strength Sequence!

The SATTVA yoga practice uses a series of awareness and integrative action lines within the body. Working in a four month cycle, this rotating cycle allows us to systematically and safely open and strengthen the body. As we move into Spring we emerge with STRENGTH, the perfect time to focus the integration on this dynamic element of the practice. 


SATTVA Strength

The strength line lives at the innermost central axis of the body. This line begins on each foot at a point of origin directly in front of the heels, up through the very center of the legs converging at the pelvic floor, directly through the center of the torso and all the way up to the crown of the head.

At the chest, the strength line splits to follow along each arm and connects to another point of origin located at the center of each palm. 


Dynamic Relaxation 

This month within the strength sequence we are continuing to work with the theme of dynamic relaxation. Rameen explains there will be a strong sense of connection to our practice as we continue to dive deeper into this exploration.

As we connect to the quality of space found within the body at the tissue level we can begin to observe the relaxation that exists within the tissue itself. 

"The space that emerges through your awareness from observation of experience and within that relaxation begin to understand how there's a dynamism within that - there's a vibration that you can feel and begin to act upon and that action is the animation of your body so the sequence is teaching us how to create animation of the body through the avenue of relaxation."  

Rameen Peyrow, founder of SATTVA School of Yoga


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