Cleanse Friendly: Building a Beautiful Bowl


Cultivating Kitchen Creativity


We're into week two of the SATTVA cleanse and settling into the groove. With a simplified shopping list we are granted the opportunity to get creative, discovering new flavours and combinations with each kitchen adventure. It's a great time to focus on what lands best in your system - and perhaps notice what you don't miss (or really really do!) Regardless, pairing down to the basics ignites culinary creativity as we are nudged to think outside the box!


Behold: The Bowl


This clean, beautiful dish can be made so many different ways. Here's how we made this one:



Start with a base. We chose brown rice, quinoa and green lentils seasoned with lemon and ginger. During cleanse season it's nice to keep these ingredients prepped every few days. Don't forget to soak and rinse!  



Add greenery - as much as possible! This bowl is bursting with lettuce, sprouts and basil. There's really no limit to green combos; you'll probably get very comfortable in the produce section as you try all of them throughout the month.



Get colourful. This bowl is jazzed up with vibrant fresh tomatoes and a pureed medley of roasted carrot, celery, beet tops and baby potatoes. Yes, it looks like baby food. Yes, it's delicious. Other great additions include red pepper, yam, beets or radish. Fruit adds a really nice pop of colour and flavour also. Mm, mango and strawberry...!



Sprinkle on the final details. This bowl is topped with almonds, hemp hearts and avocado. Always avocado! Maintaining a source of healthy fat is so important as you go through this month, especially paired with the SATTVA practice. Stay sharp and nourished by incorporating this grounding element. 

Stay connected with the SATTVA community throughout the month for cleanse recipes and inspiration. Happy cleansing!