SATTVA Front Body: New Season, New Cycle, New Sequence


It's time for the rewind with SATTVA Front Body Sequence

This month we are welcoming in so much; a new season and cycle to lead us into the front body sequence. This is the time to refresh, reconnect and perhaps do things a little differently as we integrate the work from the last few months. This month is accompanied by a community-wide cleanse which really allows us to reset. As always, we know you will love this sequence!    


We can see the front body come into awareness right away in this month's sequence within the prep postures, which are truly meant to send you into this incredible front body exploration.

"This close connection to the front body is the finer detail of how the threads of tissue work together in order to create the organization that we experience constantly throughout the body. The more conscious we become of this subtle organization, the more proficient it can communicate with itself."

Rameen Peyrow, founder of SATTVA School of Yoga

Front Body Exploration

Beginning on the tops of the toes, running over the foot and up the front of each leg and connecting to the hip bones, from the hip bones through the pelvis to the collarbone, and along the arm over the elbow, wrist, and connecting to the pad of each finger. There is also a line of awareness that runs from the pubic bone, through the navel, the sternum, the chin, and all the way up to the crown of the head.

Feel the Rewind

With the recent shift into saturn retrograde we find there is an opportunity to do things differently; to first recognize the behavioural patterns we hold around thought and action and then do something different with it.

"In this month's front body sequence we'll notice a subtle feeling of rewind - an unwinding of the pattern of the body which we normally take within the sequence that we are replacing that with a newfound expression. These slight differences are going to make a huge impact on the nervous system and the way the mind feels after the sequence."

Stay tuned on the blog and social media channels this month for cleanse recipes and tidbits! We know it's going to be an amazing month. Namaste.