SATTVA Back Body: Intelligent Grounding

Ground in with this month's SATTVA Back Body sequence

We're one week into the new SATTVA back body sequence for June and letting the shift start to settle in. This month we are focusing on a subtle shift in postures that build from our May front body sequence - a continuation of a continuation as we move through seasons and cycles. As we find a back body awareness in our practice, we can use the knowledge and information from a front body perspective to now shift and ground into through the back lines.

"This month we're asking the anatomy of the body through our awareness to organize itself in a very special way. In that ability we're actually increasing the communication of the body between groups of muscles and sections of bones and joint. This translates to a  heightened ability to function balanced within this body." 

- Rameen Peyrow, founder of SATTVA School of Yoga


Preparing the body

We experience this grounding right away with the back body-centric prep postures that begin this month's sequence. As we start in savasana with our entire back body grounding towards the earth, bring full awareness to this space.


We follow with Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose) and Halasana (Plow Pose) to bring a clear opening through the entire back body line.

We recommend using a strap as the body is simply adjusting and softening in these first few postures.


Integrating the shift

The SATTVA practice is designed to create shifts in awareness through the intelligent lines of the body. We find a grounded, similar experience for the body each month - the body's memory works well this way. In contrast, when a new posture is introduced we are calling upon the mental aspect of the practice to apply this shift. 

"We add new postures for the body and mind to organize itself around so we're constantly sharpening this tool of awareness. On the physical side, this translates to the ability for the body to shift and constantly move forward."

- Rameen 



Wishing you a wonderful month and, as always, an enjoyable back body practice!