SATTVA Side Body: Sweet Stability

Outer and Inner Stability With the SATTVA Side Body Sequence 

The SATTVA community is still buzzing from our official welcoming into Summer and last month's back body sequence. It is always the perfect time to keep moving forward and enjoying the delights of our practice.

sattva side body
sattva side body

A Time For Growth

This month we invite the new side body sequence with so much excitement - we know you'll find it truly enjoyable! Incorporate your personal understanding of the practice into this month and continue to watch yourself grow and strengthen. Always planting and watering the seeds! 

We have an opportunity to develop the inner lines and the outer lines of the body which are really accounting for a lot of the stability we feel in the experience of our physical body.
- Rameen Peyrow, founder of SATTVA School of Yoga


The side body sequence guides us to execute with stability throughout every single posture that we are visiting. We see this right away in our sun salutations, including a strong emphasis on Virabhadrasana D and the grounding of the back leg.


As we move forward with n the sequence we want to develop that leg strength, building it upwards through into the glutes, into the torso, shoulders, arms and even the neck and the head. The inner and outer lines work throughout the entire body.

We know this month is going to be full of incredible moments on your mat. We can't wait to share this new sequence with you! Namaste.