Finding the Foundation: SATTVA Legs Sequence


Open Your Legs, Open Your Body

All Is Coming

The SATTVA Legs Sequence is designed to target and open your legs to allow freedom and flexibility throughout the entire body.

Flexibility is coming in time - this time quickens as we adhere quicker and stronger to the alignment of our own body.
Rameen Peyrow

Find Freedom

By freeing the holding patterns in the legs we gain greater flexibility and range of motion throughout the entire body. The positives are endless: day-to-day mobility, injury rehabilitation, posture refining and a deepening into many other aspects of your practice.


Start With Your Legs

Opening the body is systematic. The legs are regarded as the starting point of the SATTVA Foundational Sequences; the key to unlock the rest of the body. This specific sequence combines supported, seated and standing postures to align, strengthen, and open your legs, all in under 40 minutes. 

"The legs hold the secrets to the openings that occur throughout the rest of our body."
Rameen Peyrow
  • Use your breath to guide the fluidity of your myofascial tissue.
  • Follow the patterns which express themselves through the sensation of balance.
  • Find subtle, micro adjustments within the body.
  • Establish a clear pathway through your legs for the overall health and wellbeing of your entire body.

The legs sequence is truly the foundation of the foundation.

Use this foundational sequence to compliment and deepen your dynamic practice or adopt it as your main movement. Listen as your body responds to the teachings - open legs will open the rest of your practice. Enjoy!