SATTVA Yoga Practice Method

"The SATTVA Yoga practice is a whole and complete body science, integrating the body, breath and the mind for the most optimal yogic experience." - Rameen Peyrow



SATTVA yoga posture sequences are designed to systematically unwind the body and bring it back to a state of comfort and harmony. These posture sequences cleanse, tone, and ultimately liberate the tissue so that it may harness its vital energy and embrace its task of conducting information through the nervous system in health and ease.

The SATTVA Yoga practice introduces SATTVA Lines of Awareness and SATTVA Integrative Action Lines as a technology to cultivate a temple of movement and structure in which the body can fully realize its potential.

To learn more about the SATTVA Lines of Awareness and the Integrative Action Lines click here. 



Breath is the key of transformation within the SATTVA practice and is our means to cultivating a deeper relationship with the more subtle dimensions of our experience. Through yogic breathing techniques, we increase the amount of prana (energy) in the body, tone the lungs, cleanse the subtle energetic channels, and build an insulation for the entire nervous system. This conscious breath helps us to develop a lightness and brightness of body and mind.

The breath teaches us the skill of attention: wherever we direct our conscious breath- whether it be to physical sensations, thoughts, or emotions – awareness follows and we bridge the space between body and mind. Through the conduit of the breath, all information flows, and body and mind begin to join and relax into a shared space. This prepares us for meditation.


This practice integrates the dimensions of body, breath and mind as the playing field for meditation. We use the relaxation of the body and the attention of the breath to ground the activity of the mind. From this place, it becomes very easy to realize the source origin of thought and emotion and put them back into their restful states, giving rise to a mind which is open and full of use-able potential. The practice of meditation develops the concentration of one’s mind to pierce the veil of possibilities, entering into a mysterious phenomenon of unknown territory of the deep questions and answers that are at the heart of human consciousness and its evolution.