SATTVA Yoga Online Testimonials   


"I have been practicing Sattva online for many years. I recommend Sattva yogaonline as it is an unique, amazing way to practice yoga. I can have a yoga practice any time I want too , just for me - any where  and in any style!   All the practices I need are right at my finger tips- all levels, intermediate, restore and meditation - plus many more. I practice everyday, I can truly say with regular practice I have found many benefits: I have healed. It has kept my body, breath and mind - free, happy and balanced. Sattva has taught me to find a teacher with myself, a voice which has guided me come to do all the things need to really “love my life” ! Thank you sattva yoga online for everything you do."


"I've been practicing yoga for 15 years. When I moved to Edmonton, I discovered Sattva and was completely blown away. I had never been to a studio that took so much care in teaching proper technique as well as creating an environment of acceptance and encouragement. To say it was a special place would be an understatement. So, when I ended up moving away from Edmonton to begin my PhD, I was very sad to be leaving Sattva. Luckily, Sattva Online provides the instruction and guidance I need to continue my practice from a distance. The videos are amazingly produced and, while I physically can't be in the studio space, provide the ambiance. I'm forever grateful for Sattva Online and encourage anyone interested in a solid home practice to sign up."


"Sattva Yoga Online has kept me feeling inspired and dedicated to a home practice while living in mountain bliss. I am forever grateful for Sattva online and it’s ability to create a feeling of actually being in the studio. The way Rameen guides you through the practice, spending time connecting body and breathe has developed not only my physical practice, but myself as a whole. A deeper level of understanding has begun to occur. The sensation of a moving meditation begins to flow. Continually creating more space, Sattva Online is something I look forward to each day."